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Kwai Muk Fruits

About Kwai Muk Fruit plants

The Kwai Muk fruit is native to China. It is a slow-growing, slender tree that can be grown as an ornamental specimen plant due to its erect growing habit and attractive long slender leaves.

                     The round fruits have a velvety, brownish, thin, tender skin.The fruit is best when harvested from the tree completely ripe. When mature the pulp is orange-red to red, soft, acid to subacid and of an excellent flavour. The fruit can be seedless or may contain 1 to 7 small pale seeds. The pulp is delicious eaten raw or can be preserved or sundried. Self pollinating, Ripening from February to April.Kwai Muk fruit plants in Kerala is now available in our farm.


Mature Height:  20-25 ft (6-8 m) 1
Fruiting/Harvest Months:  April, May, June
Sunlight:  Full Sun
Plant spacing:  12-15 ft (3.657-4.562 m)
Propagation   seed
Botanical Name:  Artocarpus hypargyraeus